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  • History

    The History of High Heels

    We often see women in high heels wherever they go, be it to events or on a simple day out. They just love their high heels too much to go anywhere without them. Whilst…

  • Fashion

    The Most Influential Women in Fashion

    All of you are still in the spirit of the International Women’s Day right? Well, so are we at Madre. So to further celebrate women, today I’d like to talk about some of the…

  • Kasut Madre

    Zya – Menawan dan Selesa

    Hi sis! Dah dengar belum berita terbaru dari Madre Collection? Belum eh? Kalau belum haa sekarang jugak I bagitau sebab sis dah lambat sikit ni. SANDALS ZYA YANG SEMUA ORANG NAK DAH RESTOCK SEKARANG…

  • Fashion Tips from Madre

    The Business Casual Style

    Years back, dressing up for job interviews was simple. Put on a suit, and that’s it. For men and women alike, regardless of industry or job title. We were taught that hiring managers wouldn’t…

  • News & Announcements

    Pemenang Madre Lucky Draw!

    Hi sis! So harini Madre dah buat live untuk pilih pemenang bagi Madre Lucky Draw yang telah berlangsung dari 23 Januari 2019 sehingga semalam, 12 Februari 2019. Sepanjang tempoh tersebut, setiap pelanggan Madre yang…

  • Tips from Madre

    Let’s Talk: Driving Shoes

    Wearing the correct shoes while driving plays a big part in driving safety. But people (or our focus today: women) still continue to drive in heels, sandals or even no shoes. Sure, the high…

  • Fashion

    10 Must-Have Shoes in Your Wardrobe.

    Would we ever have enough shoes in our closet? I mean there’s always new designs from our favourite designers and from our beloved fashion lines. But of course some of us wouldn’t have the…

  • History

    Who is Madre?

    History of Madre Madre’s sole purpose is producing female shoes with an undivided focus on their beauty and comfort for each shoes produced. Madre, is on the race of being one of the leading…

  • Fashion

    The Modern Classic Looks

    Fashion world these days are BOOMING! With every changing day we’re getting new and improved styles that sometimes a normal non-creative mind couldn’t even think of! I mean, if we take a look at…

  • wedges shoe
    Kasut Madre

    Selamatkah Pakai Kasut Yang Lebih 3 Inci?

    Selamat ke wedges 3 inci ni? Selamat. Kerana wedges, terutamanya keluaran Madre mempunyai platform yang tebal. Disamping mempunyai span yang lebih tebal untuk memberi keselesaan kepada pemakai, wedges Madre lebih selesa berbanding kasut biasa…