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Discover Malaysia Food – Last Part

We’re back and I want you to know that we missed you so much! How was your day? We hope all goes well! Sadly to announce, this would be the last part of our food discovery post! This time let’s take a peek and see how many of these wonderful cuisine treats you’ve tried!

Malaysian cuisine is a fusion of Chinese, Indian, and Asian Malay flavours, resulting in very rich and flavorful dishes, and honestly, I couldn’t possibly choose just one meal for each state because there were so many delicious options. Instead, I think we should discover all of those foods together!

9. Perlis – Ikan Bakar & Pulut Mempelam

Tasty and unique Ikan Bakar that you should try once you arrived in Perlis – Credit:

Although the meal may be found all across the country, the Perlis version is the best! The fish is cooked to perfection after being marinated with turmeric, salt, and pepper. The dipping sauce is the key to Perlis’ Ikan Bakar’s success. Red chillies, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and Thai chilli sauce are combined with a pinch of salt and pepper. Although it appears to be a simple condiment to prepare, nothing compares to theirs.

The most well-known dish in Perlis is Ikan Bakar. – Credit:

Perlis is Peninsular Malaysia’s most northern state, and with close connections to Thailand, it’s no wonder that many popular Thai cuisines can be found here. Ikan Bakar, on the other hand, is the most famous dish here. You may easily locate stalls and restaurants selling charcoal-grilled fish and other meals, particularly in Kuala Perlis.

Once Harum Manis mangoes are in season, they are extremely popular in this state. – Credit:

Perlis has a Thai flavour in its cuisine because it shares a border with Thailand. This is most noticeable in Pulut Mempelam or sticky rice with mango. Harum Manis mangoes are quite popular in this state when they are in season. The fragrant aroma, soft flesh, and overall sweet flavour of the Harum Manis mango are the major reasons for its popularity among people.

Pulut Mempelam is only served using local mempelam mango, which is sweeter and more fragrant. – Credit:

The difference here is that Pulut Mempelam is exclusively served with local mempelam mango, which is considerably sweeter and aromatic. Although it may be eaten alone, the locals recommend serving it with sticky rice cooked with coconut milk and salt. But be warned: although fruit is the major ingredient, the meal is quite rich, and if you eat too many, you may experience a food coma!

10. Kedah – Nasi Ulam & Mee Udang

Nasi Ulam is a wonderful feast prepared by the country’s greatest rice growers! – Credit:

This is a magnificent meal from the country’s largest rice producers! Nasi Ulam is a rice dish topped with toasted grated coconut or kerisik with a variety of raw vegetables, herbs, and spices. You may eat it on its own or combine it with other side dishes and lauk. Because of the enormous amount of effort required to prepare it, even Kedahans will have a difficult time locating a business that sells it.

Kedah’s version of Nasi Kerabu is Nasi Ulam. – Credit:

Nasi Ulam is Kedah’s variant of Nasi Kerabu, and the meal comes with a variety of fresh veggies and seasonings, similar to a rice salad. To give the meal a fragrant finish, it is frequently topped with fried grated coconut and lime juice.

If you appreciate seafood, Mee Udang is the one meal in Kedah you should try. – Credit :

The Mee Udang is the one dish in Kedah that you should try if you like seafood. The locals love this prawn noodle dish, and we can see why: each serving includes noodles coated in a thick layer of sweet and spicy tomato sauce, topped with a portion of fresh prawns.

Mee Ketam and Mee Sotong, in addition to Mee Udang, are two more types worth trying. – Credit:

Besides the Mee Udang, Mee Ketam and Mee Sotong are two other varieties you should certainly try.
Ombak Lara Mee Udang, Tsunami Selera Dataran and Rumpun Mambu Warung are the best places to get Mee Udang in Kedah.

11. Pulau Pinang – Char Koay Teow & Nasi Kandar

Char Kuey Teow is one of Penang’s most popular street meals. – Credit:

Penang is known as Malaysia’s culinary capital, and one of the most popular street foods is Char Kuey Teow. This famous flat rice noodle meal is typically prepared in a wok with bean sprouts, shrimp, eggs, and Lap Cheong, or Chinese sausages, as an option. To raise the game, hawkers grill the meal over a charcoal fire with duck eggs instead of chicken eggs.

Hawkers cook the dish over a charcoal fire to enhance the taste. – Credit:

It’s difficult to select just one iconic dish from Penang, which is known as Malaysia’s cuisine capital. However, I would personally award the crown to Char Kuey Teow! Who knew something so easy could be so delicious, right? It is an undoubtedly delicious combination of flat rice noodles stir-fried with chilli sauce, prawns, eggs, cockles, bean sprouts, and garlic chives.

Nasi Kandar is unquestionably one of Penang’s most fierce culinary competitors. – Credit:

When visiting the state, this is a must-try meal. Nasi Kandar is certainly one of the greatest culinary rivals in Penang, even though the state is recognised for its wealth of delicious cuisine. This dish never gets old since there are so many different meats and veggies to pick from.

Restaurants serving Nasi Kandar have popped up throughout Penang.- Credit: siakapkeli. my

“Ane, Nasi Kandar, ayam goreng, kuah campur banjir satu!,” If you’ve heard of this term, you’re lucky only because the chances are you’ve had Nasi Kandar, which is popular in Penang. Because of its popularity, Nasi Kandar restaurants have sprung up throughout Penang. During the longer breaks, the more well-known stores are packed with both customers all over the world.

12. Sabah – Tuaran Mee & Ngiu Chap Mee

Tuaran mee is the most well-known traditional food in Sabah. – Credit:

These egg noodles are typically handmade, fried, and served hot with egg roll slices, roasted pig or chicken, and beef slices, as well as some veggies. They are known as Sabah’s “Gold Noodles” and are frequently considered to be the tastiest noodles in Sabah. One mouthful is enough to give you a warm tingling sensation on the inside, putting you at ease. When in Sabah, this is a must-try!

Tuaran Mee is also recognized as “Gold Noodles” in Sabah. – Credit:

Tuaran mee is arguably Sabah’s most well-known noodle dish. The unique yellow egg noodles that are cooked before being topped with the dish’s characteristic sauce and toppings are the secrets to a successful bowl of Tuaran mee. Barbecued pork, egg rolls, and green veggies are the most popular toppings.

The main attraction for Ngiu Chap Mee is the broth. – Credit:

Ngiu chap mee is another noodle dish that is well-known in Sabah. This substantial meal has rice vermicelli noodles (mee hoon) in a flavorful beef broth with a variety of beef pieces, including brisket, short rib, and even tendons if desired.

Another well-known noodle dish in Sabah is ngiu chap mee. – Credit:

Try the renowned ngiu chap, which translates to “mixed beef.” This traditional Sabah meal is made up of minced beef balls, beef slices, tripe, tendon, tongue, and other cow parts and is generally served with noodles in a wonderful beef broth. Slurp away, savouring every last bite of the meal. I believe the broth is the star of the show, so make sure you don’t skip a drop!

13. Sarawak – Kolo Mee & Laksa Sarawak

Sarawak biggest star of the show is their’s Kolo mee. – Credit:

If Sabah has Tuaran mee, Sarawak has Kolo mee. Kolo mee is a delicious combination of springy noodles, char siew slices, and minced pork that is a classic meal. Before serving, the noodles are frequently stirred lightly in some beef stock and soy sauce.

Kolo Mee (also known as Mi Kolok) is a Sarawakian speciality. – Credit:

This meal may appear simple, but it has a profound significance! Kolo mee represents the peaceful coexistence of Sarawak’s ethnic groups, overcoming cultural and racial barriers. Kolo Mee satisfies the cravings of both residents and visitors for a delicious variety of noodles. Aside from the traditional Red Kolo Mee, White and Black Kolo Mee are also available.

Sarawak Laksa is a delicious Malaysian noodle soup that’s spicy, vibrant, warming, and flavorful. – Credit:

Sarawakians are understandably proud of their laksa cuisine, which is named after the state. Sarawak laksa is distinguished by the unique flavour of the curry paste used in its preparation. Rice noodles are soaked in a flavorful broth before being topped with omelette pieces, chicken, prawns, and fresh veggies. Sarawak laksa is so delicious that it was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode!

Sarawak Laska is a mixture of the two, containing both coconut milk and tamarind paste. – Credit:

Finally, we finish the way we began: with more laksa. The toppings are what make Sarawak Laksa so unique. Instead of shredded vegetables, this meal is topped with omelette pieces, chicken, and, most often, a delicious prawn. It’s considerably more filling than other laksa kinds in Malaysia, and it’s very wonderful till the last taste.

You must be wondering why only 13, right? Eventually, Malaysia is comprised of 13 states and three Wilayah Persekutuan (WP) or federal territories, which include Labuan, Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya. What distinguishes Malaysian cuisine is that it is not unusual for Malaysians to blend two or more cultural dish recipes to create a single dish, such as mee goreng mamak.

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