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Discover Malaysia Foods – Part 2

Hi! We’re back again! I hope you enjoyed reading our previous post. Psst! I just heard that those who stay in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Putrajaya regions are allowed to go travel among states and have no roadblocks effective today (10 September 2021). Just make sure that you’re fully vaccinated, and go grab your car keys and let’s food hunt to explore scrumptious food!

However, before we get started, I have to admit something: I cheated. I couldn’t possibly choose just one meal for each state because there were so many delicious options!

5. Perak – Hainanese Chicken Rice & Kai Si Hor Fun

If you say ‘Ipoh’, the most famous menu that people will associate is Hainanese Chicken Rice – Credit:

The flavorful chicken is what sets the Hainanese Chicken Rice in Perak unique. The chicken is topped with a topping of herbs and drizzled with soy sauce and fragrant oil after being cooked to perfection to maintain the meat’s softness. The meal is frequently served with crispy bean sprouts in Perak. This meal can also be combined with the previously described hor fun for a more interesting and fun experience.

A basic menu consisting of fragrant rice cooked with chicken stock with boneless soft steamed chicken side dishes drizzled with soy sauce in addition to vegetables and soup. – Credit:

The poached, flavorful chicken is what sets a chicken rice dish unique. Many people enjoy this classic Hainanese meal, which may be eaten at any time of day. The iconic Ipoh Chicken Rice is often served with bean sprouts on the side, which enhances the overall flavor of the meal.

It may appear to be a plain and unattractive noodle dish, yet it is definitely one of Ipoh’s most famous meals – Credit:

Perak is another state that is recognized for being a foodie’s dream. Kai si hor fun is its most famous dish. In a bowl, you’ll find springy flat rice noodles, delicate shredded chicken, juicy shrimp, chives, and a seafood broth, which typically prawns, that wonderfully mixes everything together. It’s a favorite breakfast meal in Perak, and most people pair it with Ipoh white coffee. Gosh! What a great combination!

You could find yourself chowing down on a bowl at record speed, slurping up every last strand of noodle and savoring every last drop of soup. – Credit:

When visiting Ipoh, a delicious bowl of Hor Fun is essential. This basic springy flat rice noodle dish is soaked in chicken or prawn broth and garnished with shredded chicken, prawns, and chopped chives. It may not be as strong as a curry-based dish, but the light broth’s warmth should be enough to warm your heart!

6. Kelantan – Nasi Kerabu & Laksam Kelantan.

Nasi Kerabu is one of the popular rice dishes that origin from Kelantan. – Credit:

The vibrant display of Kelantan’s Signature food that will immediately draw attention is Nasi Kerabu. Serve with a variety of side dishes such as fried chicken, grilled meat, grilled lamb along with the different pickles, and crunchy keropok are common accompaniments. The primary star of the meal, however, is the blue rice, which is the Smurfs colored petals from the butterfly-pea flower used in the cooking process. It goes well with Kelantan’s renowned Ayam Percik, which consists of grilled chicken pieces covered with a fragrant sauce.

Nasi Kerabu is a visually attractive Malay rice dish with a variety of aromatic herbs and a protein of your choosing. – Credit:

Nasi Kerabu is without a doubt the most popular dish on the menu. Even though it is originally from Kelantan, you may get it wherever in Malaysia. Nothing, however, compares to eating Nasi Kerabu in its original state. Even if you’ve had another version of it outside of Kelantan, Nasi Kerabu is a must-try when you visit the state. Don’t forget to try all of their sides!

The Laksam sauce, the noodle, the ulam (a combination of fresh herbs and salad eaten uncooked), and the sambal are the features of the Laksam. – Credit:

Yes, Laksam Kelantan is essentially a variant variation of other Laksa in Malaysia, as the name suggests. Coconut milk replaces the lime and tamarind, giving the dish a brighter color and creamier texture. The noodles are also thicker, and the toppings include anything from beef floss to sambal to their Kerabu.

Flat rice noodles are served with a rich, fish-based coconut milk sauce and served with ulam and sambal in a Kelantanese meal known as Laksam. – Credit:

Laksam is made from a mixture of rice flour that is steamed to form a flat surface and then rolled after its been cooked. Laksam will be cut round before being served with gravy. Usually, they will serve Laksam Kelantan for breakfast.

7. Terengganu – Nasi Dagang & Bubur Lambuk

Nasi Dagang is a popular meal prepared from a combination of rice and glutinous rice, cooked twice in coconut milk to get the desired texture, and served with a red tuna fish curry and pickled cucumber and carrot “acar” or condiment. – Credit:

Nasi Dagang is a popular breakfast dish that you can enjoy especially at Terengganu. The rice is usually being cooked with coconut milk. The reddish glutinous rice is made from a combination of Jasmine and white sticky rice. It’s then being served with Gulai Ikan Tongkol, a curry dish made with fishes, and some people might include shrimps, to enhance the flavorful of the gravy along with the side dish such as pickled cucumbers and carrots.

Nasi Dagang is somehow is not for the inexperienced cook since it takes patience and a great skill. – Credit:

Even though Nasi Dagang is Terengganu’s most popular breakfast meal, this meal is actually available all day, from morning to night. Meanwhile, the fragrant rice is a combination of Jasmine and sticky rice, resulting in a light and fluffy dish. Nasi Dagang is served with Gulai Ikan Tongkol, a flavorful thick curry that will warm your heart and stomach, and might also pleasing your soul.

Bubur Lambuk Terengganu is without a doubt the healthiest of all bubur lambuk varieties. – Credit:

Bubur lambuk is a meal that takes simple ingredients and transforms them into exquisite dishes. The meal consists of rice, herbs, sweet potatoes, and dried shrimp in a porridge. Fun Fact about Bubur Lambuk is Terengganu Malay dialect for bubur lembut, which in Bahasa Malaysia means soft porridge. Amazing right?

Bubur Lambuk which is simple and delicious have its own secret behind it with a hereditary recipe that is liked by many and has a spicy sweet and sour taste. – Credit:

Every Ramadan, a bowl of bubur lambuk is served to break the fast. This is a delicious rice porridge that is given throughout the fasting month and is also a comfort meal in many ways. Bubur Lambuk, like dates during Ramadan, is a must-have for most Malaysians Muslims.

8. Pahang – Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin & Nasi Kebuli

The aroma of Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin may be detected from a long distance. – Credit:

The Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin, undoubtedly Pahang’s most iconic dish. This meal is made up of two primary ingredients: tempoyak, which is fermented durian (yes, durian alone isn’t strong enough, I guess) and Ikan Patin, a freshwater fish noted for its fatty texture. It may sounds unusual, but this delicacy is supposed to be quite tasty and leaves a nice aftertaste.

If you can get beyond the strong odour, you’ll find Pahang’s favourite way to prepare the ikan patin. – Credit:

Don’t be put off by the ingredients; give it a go and you could just become addicted! Although some may consider this meal to be an enjoyable taste, it has grown in popularity among Malaysians over time. It’s a meal that everyone should try at least once in their lives!

Nasi Kebuli is the type of dish that offered on special occasions, although it can be found at Pahang’s Malay restaurants, diners, and food stalls. – Credit:

This historical cuisine, thought to have originated in the Kuala Lipis region, is frequently served at dinner parties and special events. Nasi Kebuli is a rice, coconut oil, raisins, olives, fragrant spices, and meat meal cooked in one pot (usually chicken, but other varieties exist too).

Nasi Kebuli is acknowledged as the Kuala Lipis district’s signature dish; some even refer to it as Pahang’s Royal Rice. – Credit:

The origin of this rice may be attributed to His Majesty the Sultan of Pahang’s royal heritage. However, it has remained one of the King of Pahang’s favourite meals to this day. This Nasi Kebuli is usually only made when there is a large gathering or special occasions. The presentation is spectacular, and the excellent mixing of the dish’s different flavours is guaranteed to excite your taste.

I hope I’ve inspired you to travel the whole country by demonstrating the beauty of Malaysian cuisine. You know what, print this list and carry it with you wherever you go in Malaysia, crossing off as many of these things as you can, probably just treat it just like a Malaysian foodie’s bucket list. You will not be disappointed!

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