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Dress Him Up

I know people shouldn’t be judged based on their appearances. But it isn’t wrong to want someone that you care and adore to look more presentable when they’re outside, or when you’re out on a date with them.

So in today’s article we’re going to suggest some outfit they could try on, especially for this summer. Keep reading on if you want to see the outfits we have in store for them.

The Shorts

Shorts is essential especially for the hot summer in such tropical country as Malaysia. And in recent years, chino is really all the hype with the men. If you’re buying them a new pair, play it safe with khaki, a neutral option. Or go a little bit bold with black or navy. And I’d suggest you stay away from pastels, since it’s such a fratty look, you don’t want your boyfriends/husbands to look like one.

The Shirts

We know some men are really into dark colours, black especially, but it’s summer. So tell them to keep it light, and if they don’t have it, get them a few that are. And keep the designs simple enough. No Ed Hardy, nor graphic tees with awful jokes.

The Pants

Discussing pants in a summer fashion article might seem a bit silly and odd. But sure, get a pair of sweatpants or others with thinner fabric than usual. Once it hits a higher temperature though, should always go for a pair of shorts, it is acceptable and expected in almost every situation. But on darker and colder days, you might want them to put on a pair of jeans or long pants that look good.

The Shoes

In terms of footwear, there’s always abundant of choice to choose from. And if they like sandals, let them go for it. But other summer footwear like cans or boat shoes can go with just about any outfit you suggested for them. Keep the colours subtle this summer, white is always appropriate but you could pick other colours that suits the outfit they’re wearing.

Outerwear and Accessories 

Outerwear is included with accessories because during summer, that’s what they are, accessories. Tell them to keep something lightweight on hand for when it gets colder. They’re not going to wear it all day, so you have to pick something that could go with any outfits that they own, say a thin bomber jacket. Also other accessories like hat, bracelets, keep it simple for a subtler outfit.

So pick some new outfits for the man you love and care about today. Let them look good. Many some eyes would be looking their ways but they’d feel better about it.

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