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Features of Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Just because a shoe is soft or light does not mean that it is comfortable. There are a few features that you need to look for in a pair of shoes to ensure that it is comfortable for your use. And today we’re going to talk about just that.

Padded Lining Inside

It could be of any materials that the shoes are made of. But ideally, you want a shoe that offer enough padding to prevent your foot from rubbing without being constricting on the side of the feet. And there are different padding for different kind of shoes. For flats, look for shoes with padding around the ankle, the side and the top of the foot. While for heels, find shoes with padding around your toes and heel.

Soft Insole

Soft-padded insoles would provide soft surface for your feet throughout the day. Better yet if the insole is shaped according to your feet arch. This is why memory foam insole is the best choice because it would mould to the shape of your foot and provide maximum comfort whilst wearing the shoes.

Flat Base

It is undeniable that flat shoes are often the most comfortable option you could choose. As it allows your feet to roll heel to toe when you’re walking, and evenly distributes your weight across your foot. And we all know that heels are the opposite of this, but it’s okay to occasionally wear them.

Room Inside the Shoe

Don’t wear shoes that are too tight. When you’re putting shoes on, make sure that there is enough room for you to slightly move your toes and if that isn’t the case and you can’t, then the shoes are too tight and it will eventually become painful for you. This is a crucial feature that you need to keep in mind especially when choosing comfortable heels.

Firm Sole

Find shoes with firm soles to make sure that the underfoot would be more stable for your shoes. Picking up shoes with soles that have minimum of 1-2cm thick soles would provide padding between your foot and the hard surface you’re walking on. Flexible soles are often very thin and doesn’t have enough padding for the bottom of your foot.

Overall, these features could be unique and different for every person with different foot. So it’s really important to find out what suits you best. Try out the shoes before you buy them and please be honest with yourself whether or not the shoes are comfortable for your feet before purchasing them.


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