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Here are 4 ways to kick out your Monday blues!

It’s Monday again! Some of us are back in the office after a long weekend, Madre team believe most of us had a blessed Eid Adha.

As much as we love staying in the hometown with our relatives, but we have to back to work!

“But I’m having a mix of negative emotions, feeling lazy and unmotivated to work.”

Well, that’s Monday blues.

I’m sure most of us would feel the same too, you’d feel like you did not have much time during the weekends. But that’s the adulthood phase where we have to work for the living.

So here are four ways to kick your Monday blues away!

1) Prepare a good breakfast

Tasty foods will sure change your mood into something else, especially when it is homecooked for yourself and loved ones. As Monday is the beginning day of the week, we shall start it by having a delightful meal in the morning!

P/s: Don’t forget to have a cup of coffee too!

2) Dress to impress yourself

As people always said Monday is for a fresh start, we have to wake up early and spend extra time to dress up. So when you dress up and impress yourself, you’ll be motivated to go to work!

3) Plan your day wisely

Another week and another day to get your task done, so plan out everything that has to be done within this week so that you’ll be on the right track. When you plan it wisely, you will also be motivated to do your work.

4) Determine your goals!

Always remind yourself that you have goals to achieve, so whenever you thought of your dreams and goals you’ll be extra energetic and motivated to do whatever you have to do on the first day of the week. Make your dreams and goals happen!

Remember that, Mondays belong to goal-getters!

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