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Heels are by far the most versatile piece of clothing. They can freshen up an outfit, but they may also set a completely other vibes. However, certain heels are better for some situations than others, so having a few various types in your closet is a good idea. Let’s have a look at the many sorts of high heels and how to wear them to your advantage.


Cassy from Madre

Wedge heels feature no distinction between the heel and the front sole of the shoe, making them one of the easiest styles of heels to walk in. This appearance may be achieved in a variety of ways, including ankle-straps, built-in platforms, and a fully exposed front. Wedges are a bit more stable underfoot than stilettos, are ideal for formal occasions where you want to make a strong statement, such as weddings, proms, and galas. Your feet will most likely stay comfortable all night because the heel is adequately supported by the shoe’s sole.


Ivy from Madre

Want to be tall without leaning? Meet the platform heel, which has an extra layer of thickness surrounding the shoe’s front sole. As a result, the height difference between the rear of the heel and the sole is reduced, resulting in less strain on your feet. A platform heel also has a somewhat chunkier appearance, which can help to lengthen legs even further. For a party, pair them with a volume-heavy midi skirt, or for a lunch meeting, pair them with a power blazer and pencil skirt.


Vienna from Madre

Not only are these heels one of the most comfortable, but they’re also one of the most adaptable. The kitten heel, which is making a comeback in 2020, generally has a little heel (no more than two inches) and will be your savior when your day requires a lot of walking. Kitten heels are the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, and they come in a range of patterns, styles, and forms. Wear them to a garden party, a date walking around the city, or a day of errands.


Adeline from Madre

We’re also huge fans of the slingback when it comes to supporting. These beautiful numerals are designed to wrap over the back of the Achilles’ heel and provide extra support. Slingbacks are a great choice for the dance floor (particularly if you’ve got some major moves up your sleeve), but they also look great at a lower height for fetching up the kids from school or going out for a brunch date with your significant other


Tania from Madre

Looking for a unique way to flaunt your new pedicure? The peep-toe was virtually designed for this. This design pairs well with kitten heels, stilettos, and pumps since it has a little opening just at the front of the toe. At sunset rooftop birthday celebrations or breezy breakfasts with your besties, make a statement with the peep-toe. When you don’t want to wear sandals, these heels are a good compromise—they reveal just a little bit of flesh.


Enola from Madre

The mule is a good choice if you want a heel with extra support. The front of this style is raised over the top of the foot, showing the heel and, sometimes, the tips of the toes. The mule is a fantastic way to experiment with prints because the ample space on the front of the shoe easily reveals texture and color. While the heel height can vary, the mule is a great way to get experimental with prints because the ample space on the front of the shoe easily shows off texture and color. The spacious form is more casual than other heels, so you may wear them to your book club meeting or to the farmers market.

So girls, keep your heels, head, and standard high because no one ever should underestimate the power a pair of heels can do to you!Like what you see? Visit our website at to browse more collections or come to our boutique to try them on before you buy. For further inquiries, Whatsapp us now. Till we meet again, Bye!


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