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Let’s get to know about Lucky Draw 3.0 prizes!

Hi sisters!  As you all aware from the previous post, we are currently running our Lucky Draw 3.0 contest which takes place on March 5th until April 5th. Due to that, we want to share with you sisters about the exciting prizes that awaiting for you, Madre customers!

There are 6 prizes to be won and people voted these six prizes as their most wanted gifts. I can assure you that you will find these gifts very convenient! So, here it is. This article is exclusively for you to get to know about the prizes that you might WIN!

The GRAND prize for lucky winner will be LED TV 50’. Why you need to win this? What’s the difference between this and the LCD TV you have at home? Here I’ll tell you why. The very first thing you have to know, LED TV has better picture quality than LCD TV. Beside, LED TV is also energy efficient where it has almost 50% reduction in the power consumption. With the fact that it has better contrast compared to LCD TV, the life span of LED TV also better than LCD TV. Now you all know why you need to win this grand prize!

Another one of the most wanted gift is Pressure cooker. We are pretty sure that our readers know more about Pressure cooker than we do but still! We will share with you about what pressure cooker can do for you. First, the pressure cooker is highly efficient — it cooks food faster than the average time. So you will not have to wait for too long! Second, you can almost cook anything with pressure cooker. It gives better result when you want to tenderize your meat. Be it stews, roasts and other type of cooking, Pressure cooker surely multi-functional enough to be used in variety of ways.

Moving on to the next prize, we have 2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to be given to our Madre customers! Now what makes this vacuum different with the one you have at home? Of course for its famous feature, it’s pretty light and compact compared with standard plug-in vacuums with an average weight of 3 kg. Not only that, they are easy to carry as it’s cordless. So you don’t have to worry about your cord getting tangled or caught up on something while carrying your vacuum and it makes your movement have no limit!

It does not end here. We still have two more Air Fryers to give to our customers! What can Air fryer do? Air fryer can fry up diet-busting treats. It roasts, grills, fries, and even bakes. What benefit it can give to you? For anyone that loves the taste of deep-fried food but avoiding it for health reasons, you can use Air fryer to air-fried your cooking since it lowers the food’s cholesterol and helps in losing weight. This is due to the fact that Air fryer use around 75 percent less oil than deep fryers, providing a healthy way without sacrificing the flavor. Beside, Air fryer help you to “go green” since most air fryers are energy efficient and shorter cook times translate to less overall power usage. It’s also safe to use as it eliminates the risk of serious burns from spilled oil and the exterior is designed to not become dangerously hot to touch.

And…. that’s it?

Of course not. We also have an additional of RM50 MADRE cash voucher to be given to 20 people! Now all of the secret is out. Better go grab the chance while the contest is still running and remember that the contest last until April 5th!

Incase if anyone is wondering how to enter this contest, with a purchase of RM190, you will get the opportunity to join and win the LUCKY DRAW. May the luck be with you!

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