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Madre Shoes to Match with Your Raya Outfit

Who are we kidding sis, we all know Raya is all about comfort. Always. Suffering from blisters caused by your shoes is not a situation you’d want to be in when you’ve got 4 more houses to visit, the same as not being able to breath in your tight kebaya after 3 consequent meals of ketupat, lemang, rendang, and satay.

Have you ever made the worst decision for Raya by donning a pair of stilettos with your baju kurung on the first day of Raya? Especially if it’s a pair that’s hard on your feet and not at all comfortable. You’d end up lying flat on the couch for the rest of the day because of your feet, or even worst putting on a pair of selipar Jepun you left lying in your car.

You have to prioritise comfort, especially for Raya because we know we’d be going around here and there visiting family and friends. Think chunky heels, or kitten, sandals, wedges, or maybe just flats.

I know some might want to look good for that Raya OOTD shoots, but you’d still want a pair of shoes that are comfortable and easy to slip in and out of. And here 5 pairs of shoes from Madre that would naturally match your magnificent traditional outfits.


For a fully covered shoes that gives a little bit of height with an elegant vibe, get a pair of Reana.


For a more feminine look with subtle hint of bubbly look, don Tiara witih your raya outfit.

Zya X

For the lightness and comfort but not forgetting chic look, try Zya X with your modern kebaya.


If you want a more simplistic look go for our Xera. Easier to slip in and out of but still serving a look.


If you’re looking for that classy and bold look for you raya outfit, our high heels, Eldora would give you just that.

Like what you see?  Visit our website at to browse more collections or come to our boutique to try them on before you buy. For further inquiries, Whatsapp us now. Happy trying!


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