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Making Your High Heels Quieter

The sound of your high heels meeting the floors or pavements has always been sexy and confidence-boosting. People would turn their heads to you just to see you and the heels you’re wearing.

But sometimes you’re going to have to silence the sound of your heels for certain reasons. And it’s quite a simple thing to do, adjusting your heels so you could walk with softer sound.

The Fit

The most important step of all is to make sure that your shoes fit your foot well. Having your foot slipping whilst walking would make the sound even louder.

The Posture

With a good posture, you’ll walk more comfortably, graciously and quietly. Make sure you walk with your shoulders back, engage the abs, and making sure you place the balls of your feet down before you touch the ground with your heels.

The Cushion

Quite probably the most effective way to cut down on the clickety-clack of your high heels is cushioning the heels. Take your shoes to a cobbler for rubble soles and heel tips and find the ones in the shoe stores which you could directly patch onto them.

The Quick Fix

Or if you’re in need for a faster way to reduce the noise of you walking down the hallway of your office and disturbing your officemates doing their jobs, add a little bit of masking or duct tape to the heel tips.

Remember to always be confident and brave be it without the sexy sound of your heels hitting the floor. Because although we want to always feel that way, we could do it without disturbing others.

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