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Movies to Binge-Watch on Netflix

Netflix announced in January that they will release a new original film every week in 2021. They’ve kept their word for months now, and they’re delivering on it. There’s something for everyone in this collection: mystery, romance, humor, horror, you name it.

Plus, all of your favorite celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Zendaya, as well as Eric Andre, Octavia Spencer, and others. So, where do you start? Here are our picks for the best Netflix original movies of 2021.


VIVO is an exhilarating story about gathering your courage, finding family in unlikely friends, and the belief that music can open you to new worlds. On behalf of his master Andrés (Buena Vista Social Club’s Juan De Marcos), a one-of-a-kind kinkajou (voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda) travels on an amazing musical odyssey to deliver a love song to Marta (sung by Gloria Estefan).

Just a guess, but I believe you. Yes, you! I bet you would be better off having seen a gorgeous, vibrantly colored animated musical starring Gloria Estefan and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Again, it’s only a guess.

Army of the Dead

If you a fan of zombies, you should definitely watch Army of the Dead, directed by Zack Snyder. This movie is about a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a squad of mercenaries decides to take the ultimate risk and enter the quarantine zone in order to pull off the biggest robbery ever attempted.

This is a zombie heist film in which a group of adventurers scheme to loot a Las Vegas casino during a zombie epidemic. It stars Dave Bautista and Tig Notaro in the role of a tough helicopter pilot, and it sounds totally wild, but I tell you what. It’s well worth a watch.

The Guilty

The Guilty begins at a 911 dispatch call center over the course of a single morning. Joe Baylor (Gyllenhaal) is a call center operator who attempts to help a caller who is in severe danger, however, he quickly learns that nothing is as it seems and that embracing the truth is the only way out.

If there’s any doubt, things spin out of control, resulting in a suspenseful thriller that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of Gyllenhaal’s most unforgettable performances. The Guilty will be available on Netflix on October 1st.

The Woman in the Window

An agoraphobic child psychotherapist befriends a neighbor across the street from her New York City brownstone in Joe Wright’s psychological suspense thriller “The Woman in the Window,” only to have her own life turned upside down when the woman vanishes and she suspects foul play.

Tracy Letts’ script, based on the riveting, best-selling novel, is brought to life by a brilliant ensemble cast, in which shocking truths are uncovered and no one, or nothing, is what it appears. Psst! For everyone saying this trailer gives away too much, don’t worry, there are a million twists in the movies!

The Swarm

Virginie produces locusts as a high-protein crop on her property with her daughters Laura, which is 15 years old, and Gaston, 7 years old. Money worries and practical issues are building up, and tensions with her children and neighbors are at an all-time high. When she finds the locusts have a thirst for blood, everything changes.

The Swarm is without a doubt one of the finest dramas of the year. However, it also, in large part, includes bees eating human flesh. As a result, SPOILER ALERT! You’ve been informed.

Thunder Force

In Ben Falcone’s new action-comedy, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy play a famous superhero couple. Spencer and McCarthy portray childhood best friends who become an unexpected force against evil after one of them discovers a formula that grants ordinary people superpowers in a world where supervillains rule.

Generally, Thunder Force is about two separated childhood best friends reconcile when one devises a cure that gives them powers to protect their city in a world where supervillains are common.


Beckett, an American tourist, finds himself at the center of a dangerous political plot – and on the run for his life – after a fatal automobile accident in Greece. This thriller, starring John David Washington, depicts precisely that. The only issue is whether he will live to tell the tale.

Don’t you hate it when you go on vacation and find yourself at the heart of a political plot and on the verge of being assassinated? Classic craziness!

Concrete Cowboy

A troubled youngster, Caleb McLaughlin, who is famous for Stranger Things, is stuck between a life of crime and his estranged father’s, cast by Idris Elba, lively urban-cowboy subculture while spending the summer in North Philadelphia.

Concrete Cowboy is directed by Ricky Staub and this Western drama is about a young kid who is forced to live with his estranged father in Philadelphia and encounters the world of urban cowboys.

Bo Burnham: Inside

Inside is a comic masterpiece and a somber look at what will undoubtedly be one of the most momentous events of our time, filled with comments on quarantine, internet culture, and the everyday pangs of what 2020 looked like.

Personally, I believe that INSIDE should be watched without any spoilers or hints as to what is to come. But if you still need convinced, have a look at this trailer.

Bad Trip

Are you prepared to laugh by yourself? Bad Trip, starring Eric Andre, Lil Rel Howery, and Tiffany Haddish, has a brand new RED BAND trailer. Don’t miss the year’s most funny film!

Bad Trip is about two closest friends who travel about performing pranks on strangers in Eric Andre’s prank-style flick. But honestly, you don’t always have to go much further than that.

Harland Williams used to say, “The problem with binge-watching on Netflix is that you lose three days of your life”. Personally, I watch pretty much everything on Netflix, and I watch all the episodes in a row when I can. Mind sharing your all-time favorite shows or movie on Netflix with us? Just hit us at the comment section!

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