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10 Must-Have Shoes in Your Wardrobe.

Would we ever have enough shoes in our closet? I mean there’s always new designs from our favourite designers and from our beloved fashion lines. But of course some of us wouldn’t have the budget, or maybe even closet space (I have 20 pairs and no place to put it) to purchase every single shoes that we like or what’s in trend right now. But in order to complete your wardrobe and not using the same 2 pairs of shoes every single time, get at least one of each of these 10 must-have shoe styles that we have narrowed down for you.

Take a look and give a try on our fail-proof footwear plan. So doesn’t matter what occasion it is, you’ll always be ready with these shoes. There’s everything for you, from high heels to sneakers. Be sure to keep reading.

Basic Ballet Flats

Image Source: June Letters Studio

Ballet flats (or skimmer flats) are the simplest solution to looking good and neat while on the move. The basic flats are casual and effeminate, means that you could wear them with dresses, skirts and also cutoffs.

Casual Kicks

Image Source: June Letters Studio

Just because you have a gym sneakers don’t mean that they are the same. A pair of basic, casual kicks is a necessity for your wardrobe. Pair it up with a jeans and damn you’d look good.

Go-With-Everything Ankle Boots

Image Source: June Letters Studio

It’s undeniable that these ankle boots have a huge fans and following. Its neutral design and comfortable heel will serve you well every time you don it.

Summer Wedges

Image Source: June Letters Studio

When it’s too hot out, it’s better to put on a pair of comfortable shoes. Pick a pair of wedges that are easy to walk in (check out Madre’s Tania) and would pair just as well with dresses as it would with denim or shorts.

The Classic Pump

Image Source: June Letters Studio

Getting a pair of polished pumps would never disappoint you. With a classically chic look that complement your outfits, be it to the office or a night out.

Everyday Sandals

Image Source: June Letters Studio

A hundred times better than a pair of flip-flops. Since some of us would prefer to go with flat sandals in summer, make sure you opt in for a pair with a great design and comfort (check out Madre’s Medhika) that you’ll be happy to slip into every day.

Statement Heels

Image Source: June Letters Studio

A pair of seriously sexy heels is a must have in every girl’s arsenal. Whether you get one with a vibrant colour, sexy detailing or a statement print, your statement heels should be the one you pair on with everything from evening dresses to jeans to make you feel instantly sexy.

Classic Riding Boots

Image Source: June Letters Studio

That one pair for when it rains, or in the Fall and Winter. A pair of tall boots would be perfect for a protection from the elements. It comes with practicality and elegancy.

Nude Heels

Image Source: June Letters Studio

Nude heels are the ultimate solution in completing your evening looks as well as your more effeminate daily outfits. They’re all-seasoners, suitable with everything and the most important thing is it makes you look taller and slimmer.

Smart Oxfords/Loafers

Image Source: June Letters Studio

Smart brogues or loafers is also a must-have in your wardrobe collection. These could be your office-to-off-duty alternative to your casual sneakers with a preppy-cool twist.

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