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Preventative Steps – How To Pick The Right Shoes

So in the last article, we talked about how wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable could have both immediate and long-lasting effects on your feet and on your body. And today we’re going to share such simple steps you could take in avoiding such problems. You just need to simply be mindful of the footwear/shoes that you buy. But below we’ll talk about that in more details so you’d understand it further.

  1. You need to ensure that there’s enough room in the ‘toe box’ (the front of the shoes) so that your toes could move (wiggle) freely. If it’s too tight then you might be at risk of compression lesions and numbness.
  2. Pick shoes that have a fastening method of some sort, this would allow you to adjust your shoes to fit better when necessary.
  3. Your shoes should have a slight heel gradient, around 20-44 mm high. Make sure it’s broad, stability is important to offset any tightness that you may have in your Achilles tendon.
  4. Make sure the upper part of the shoes is made from material that gives flexibility, durability and comfort for your usage, or in other word, material that doesn’t hurt you.
  5. Pick shoes with cushioning inside that’s great for comfort and reduction of the shock from the impact when landing your heels and pushing off from the balls of your feet whilst walking.
  6. Get a pair of shoes that have firm mid-sole (it’s between the heel and the toe box) so that if you accidentally fall or anything it won’t be twisted like a piece of cloth.
  7. If you need to wear uncomfortable shoes that’s not appropriate for walking at work, make sure you wear that only at work and change into something else when you commute to and fro.

So these are some of the preventative steps you could take to prevent your feet from getting bad effects of wearing ill-fitting shoes. Make sure you follow these and you could add on some of your own that we didn’t specify here. Remember, take good care of your feet!

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