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Secret to Walking Gracefully in Heels

Women and high heels, what a love and hate relationship.  If not all, most women love to own and wear high heels, but of course, hate to walk in them. It is a very well-known fact that walking in high heels is a very difficult thing to do, especially if they’re too high and too thin. And another reason for that is when you’re walking in them wrong, or just wearing them for a long amount of time.

It will take quite some time and a lot of practice for anyone to master the art of walking in high heels perfectly. But those that mastered it have been sharing the important tips that’ll make wearing and walking in high heels much easier and much more pleasurable. And today we will be sharing those tips with you.

Walk Heel to Toe

Never walk in high heels like you’d do in flats, do not put your whole foot down at once because it’ll hurt your feet a lot. When walking in heels, put your heels down first, followed by your toes. It’ll not only make your walk look more natural.

Take Small Steps

Don’t try taking longer strides that your usual ones, because usually walking in heels would make your stride shorter than usual. But to not risk hurting your feet, take smaller steps, but we’re not talking baby steps, just a little smaller than your usual ones.

Don’t Rush

Don’t ever rush whilst walking in heels, ever. You’ll be looking quite awkward doing that. As mentioned before, take smaller steps, and to make sure your walk is balanced, take your time whilst walking. Furthermore, taking your time gives off a more confidence vibe to your walking.

Lean Slightly Back

When you have you walk faster than your heels would allow you to, you’d end up craning your neck a tad bit forward to compensate. This would end up making your walk looking strange. Allow yourself to lean just a slightest bit to the back whilst walking so it will counteract your inclination to lean forward.

Visualize Yourself Walking in a Straight Line

This doesn’t just apply to heels, but you’ll get better results for your feet if you walk in a straight line. Do not look down on your feet while walking because then you won’t be walking in a straight line, look at your end point, your goal. Walking in a straight line would lessen the strain on your feet and shoes, thus making it more comfortable.

Arch Your Foot Slightly

Sometimes as you’re taking your steps, walking, you’d feel your feet slipping off your shoes. So arch your foot slightly to put some pressure on the inside of your shoes making your shoe fit closer to your foot, and making it easier to manoeuvre in them.

Make Sure Your Shoes Fit

This is a no-brainer but never ever get a pair of heels that doesn’t fit your feet. You could never walk naturally in those, almost impossible. If it’s a tad bit too big, get some shoe pads for a better fit, or if it’s too small then you know, take them to a cobbler and get them to stretch them for you, or you could always try and stretch them yourself.

So those are seven tips that we could find for you so that you could walk better and more gracefully in your high heels. Make sure you practice them so you could master the art of walking in high heels. It’s not just better for your looks, but it’s also better for your health.

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