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Self Care Tips at Home

This global pandemic has affected our life directly and indirectly. Covid-19 has changed our daily routines, our lifestyle, and even our plans in which we have to adapt ourselves to the new norms. Despite taking care of those people who surround you, have you ever take a break and wonder, do you take care of yourself? Here are some effective tips to manage your stress while battling this never-ending pandemic.

1. Sleep

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Sounds simple, right? But, it really does affect your day once you practice prioritizing your sleep. Getting enough and good sleep helps the immune system to do its best to fight infections and diseases, like the one caused by the deadly coronavirus. Your brain also needs some rest and sleep to function at its best! When you lack sleep, you will likely be less patient and focused, attempt to make poor decisions and it will indirectly affect your mood and emotional state. So, sleeping is pretty much part of the answer when you want to take care of yourself.

2. Explore New Workout Routine

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Spending most of your time at home doesn’t give you the license to be a clock watcher. Not only to keep your body healthy physically, but you also need to stay active to lessens the risk of mood disorders and boost your energy level. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and explore new workout routines that challenge your body! Home workouts like Yoga, Zumba, Dance workouts, and boxing are some of the options that you can learn with just one click away!

3. Get Goofy and Be Silly

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Generally, you can boost your mood by acting like a kid and being silly. Being a kid can actually boost your positive immune system and just even for a minute of childlike activity, it already helps to cause a good and positive chemical surge, particularly when you’re feeling down and stress. Have fun! Just skip, jump and even hop around your house. You can do whatever you want and no one will ever feel as happy as you are.

4. Skip the Kitchen, Just order it!

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This is such a win-win situation! Donating is a good thing and by ordering the takeout dish from your local restaurant, you have just supported the owner and it will give them such a great day ahead! You will become one of the supportive communities that support businesses out there! Psssst! You also get to eat tasty food without battling in the kitchen. Isn’t it great?

5. Food Travelling!

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Since this pandemic has restricted us from travel abroad, why don’t you just looking up a new recipe from a place that you’ve never been there before? Interesting, right? You can just simply learn to make it, or just order it! I bet the food will let your taste buds take you away from your home! There is plenty of menus that you can learn through the internet and it is just one click away!

6. Take a ‘Me-Time’ Day

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Work from home surely is tiring, and it can be harder to leave it all behind. However, you can plan your time off by taking one day off with no appointment, nowhere to be, and nothing to do. Plan the me-time schedule that will help you become more energized, positive, feeling more motivated than before, and have less stress to do your task. Me-time Day can be as simple as binge-watching your favorite movies and eat your all-time favorite food.

7. All you ‘knead’ is Baking

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Self-care is basically the idea of nourishing yourself and doing something unique and creative, it promotes the feeling of comfort and happiness. Baking is one of the easy activities that help people to create something delicious that feels like smashing a reset button. It also gives you a sweet burst of peaceful time that ends with delicious outcomes.

8. Chilling Out with Music

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Turn off the TV and replace it with some upbeat music to lift your spirits. Music therapy is a type of treatment that uses music to assist individuals to cope with physical or mental problems. It’s also been shown to improve self-esteem and reduce symptoms in those with mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. You don’t even need clinical research to tell you that blaring your favorite tune will make you feel better.

9. Create a ‘Don’t Do’ List

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Self-care does not have to be a goal to achieve. It may be about making room for the things that are important in your life and getting rid of the things that drain your energy. Take a few moments after a particularly taxing day to reflect: What brought you down? What can you do to make it less of a problem? Make a concrete list of things you won’t do, something that will act as a reminder and hold you responsible. This list will assist you in getting unstuck.

10. Online Shopping Spree!

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It’s easy to fall into a Comfy pajamas habit when you work from home, exercise from home, dine at home, and socialize at home. Although it may appear trivial, how we dress influences our self-esteem. Just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean you can’t get a little dressed up. Purchase new clothing that is not only comfortable on the sofa but also makes you feel fantastic.

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary! Don’t forget to SHARE & POST this post with your friends and family! Let’s all learn about new tips, hacks, and facts. Like what you see? Visit our website at to browse more collections or come to our boutique to try them on before you buy. For further inquiries, Whatsapp us now. Till we meet again, Bye!

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