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10 Most Important Shoes in Cinematic History

Today we’re not going to talk about fashion, but we’re still going to talk about shoes. Because I know that’s what we all really love.

So to change our mood a little bit, we’re going to talk about the most important shoes in cinematic history.

#1 – Cinderella (2015)

First is the most famous pair of glass slippers (or shoes) of all time. We’ve read about it when we’re a kid in a fairy tale book, we saw the animated Disney’s movie, and now the live action one. It’s none other than Cinderella’s glass slippers. The most iconic shoes in movie history. “Be back before 12 o’clock or you’ll turn back into the poor girl you are.” Still funny because that one shoe turns back into nothing after 12.

#2 – Forrest Gump (1994)

This is a movie that I assume is in everyone’s ‘Watched and Loved It’ list. From his spine-correcting boots to his cross-country sneakers, we all know there’s worn-in wisdom behind Forrest Gump’s iconic line. No, not “Life is like a box of chocolate.” Because we’re talking about shoes here so it’s another line, “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes – where they’re goin’, where they’ve been.”

#3 – The Cobbler (2015)

I know some of us don’t appreciate Sandler’s comedy anymore, but I still do. And The Cobbler is an enjoyable one. In this movie, Sandler is a cobbler that figures out he has the power to live out another person’s life after repairing and putting on his customers’ shoes. Give this a try for a simple movie night with the family.


#4 – The Goonies (1985)

I think all of us watched this movie at least once when we were kids, remember it or not. For me, I remembered watching it on TV3 back in the days. And watching the brilliant kid, Data saves the day by oiling up this bridge with his slick shoes thus throwing those Fratelli pursuers off their trail was epic!

#5 – The Wizard of Oz (1939)

This is a very, very old movie. But it is a good piece nonetheless. And these sparkly red shoes worn by Dorothy in the movie are the heart and ‘sole’ of this Technicolor masterpiece. So if you haven’t watched the classic Wizard of Oz, give it a try.


#6 – Back to the Future Part II (1989)

The iconic Nike’s self-lacing shoes that lace itself worn by Michael J. Fox in this classic series now believes it or not has been available for a few years! Nike’s Air Mag is the name given to Marty McFly’s sneakers that were produced in 2016 as a limited edition item as only 89 pairs were available and were given out through a raffle with USD10 per entry ticket. How cool is it to have own these cool sneakers we seen back in 1989?

#7 – Jumanji (1995)

A movie where everything that happens in the board game you’re playing, happens in real life? INSTANT FAVOURITE! In this movie, the 12-years old Alan Parrish accidentally ruins a prototype shoe at his father’s factory, setting off a chain reaction of events that unfold when he came back to his house from Jumanji years later.


#8 – The Wedding Planner (2001)

In this 2001 Adam Shankman’s romantic comedy, Matthew McConaughey’s Steve Edison, a pediatrician saves a stuck Mary, portrayed by Jennifer Lopez from a near-fatal collision with a runaway trash dumpster. These nude high heels are the reason for one of the cutest romcom’s meetup.

#9- From Russia with Love (1964)

One of the more iconic shoe design from James Bond movies that made everyone remember them until today, well not really because of the shoes, but it’s more about what’s ‘in’ the shoe. And in Bond’s world of iconic arsenals, never bring a shoe to a knife fight. Unless, you know, your shoe has a knife in it.


#10 – Puss in Boots (2011)

One of the most menacing but also one of the cutest animated characters ever created in the 2000s from the Shrek series. And then Puss was given his animated movie in 2011. Voiced by Antonio Banderas, you must be asking how important are shoes to this cat, well if you haven’t noticed, let me tell you, it’s right in his name.

So there we have it, 10 of the most important shoes in cinematic history. I know I want to watch all of these movies again after writing this article and I bet you do too. So pick one and watch this weekend!


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