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Shrink Your Shoes for a Perfect Fit

It’s a general rule that it’s better to take one size bigger when it comes to clothing, be it shirt, pants, or shoes. And it makes sense because if it’s a tad big bigger then it could easily be altered to fit you, whereas if it’s smaller then there would be no room for alteration.

Usually it’s easy to shrink a shirt or a pair of pants rather than a pair of shoes. At least for those who don’t know how to. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the three methods that we’re about to tell you, then it’s gonna be a piece of cake for you too.

Nevertheless, these methods that we’re sharing with you are great for any kind of shoe woes – be it too much room at the front, or the back, or it just don’t fit right. You could do these methods easily without actually having to buy any extra things, but if you don’t like the DIY part, there’s something for you too.

The Blow Dryer Method 

For a pair of leather shoes that’s a bit lose, get water in a spray bottle and your blow dryer. Spray your shoes with said water, but remember to not do it too much as to soak it, then afterward just simply dry your shoes with the blow dryer set in medium heat. When it’s completely dry, try it on. If it’s still a tad bit lose, repeat it until it fits you perfectly.

The Cushion Method 

For the pumps, boots, or sneakers that don’t fit your feet right but you don’t want to use the first method then simply go for soles or cushions. If they’re too long, put a sole in the back. If there’s too much space at your toes, place a sole that fills in the open area. Or if there’s a gap between the top of your feet and the inside of the shoe, place a full sole to elevate your foot.

The Dryer Method 

For canvas shoes, you can throw your spray bottle away because you’d need to soak them. Once they’re completely soaked, put them in the dryer for 10-15 minutes. The heat would shrink the canvas shoes in a blink of an eye.

So if you have shoes that you wanted to buy but didn’t because it’s a tad big bigger for your feet, maybe now you could since you know how to shrink your shoes to fit you perfectly. Great news for your wardrobe, but maybe not such good news for your bank account.


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