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Summer Shoes You’d Want to Own

Summer is the most exciting season for shoe enthusiasts. You wanna know why? Because during the rainy season you gotta deal with the cold weather and the rain and those don’t really allow for much versatility in choosing your footwear.

Alternatively, during summer, aside from those thick boots and shearling-lined shoes that would prevent our feet from getting frostbite, we could pretty much wear everything else that we want. Which is why we’re gonna talk about summer shoes today.

Here are six of our top pick for the best summer shoe trends.

Ruffled Shoes

Ruffled Heels

Ruffled summer shoes – whether subtle or bold – would place your shoes a tier higher than it already is.

Chic Flip-Flops

Chich Flip-Flops

Some despises it for no reason at all, but remember, a classy flip-flop that is polished and pretty would change your outfit from boring to fun.



Nothing we could say more about espadrilles except from it would make your summer dress looks a thousand times better.

Satin Slides

Satin Slides

Satin slides are the pretty shoes that would amplify the gorgeous but simple look you’re striving for during summer.

Denim Shoes

Denim Wedges

If you’re tired of having jeans on your legs, get a pair of denim shoes for your feet and turn the tide around this summer.

Fur Shoes

Fur Heels

Even though it’s always associated with colder weather, choosing the right fluffy fur shoe for summer would make a big impact for your outfit. Be sure the design is appropriate for summer though.

With the options and choices of shoe trends we just suggested, you could either get those or get inspired from it to get your best summer shoes. Summer shoes are very versatile and would fit with any of your summer outfit, be it dresses, shorts and even skirts. Grab a pair now for this upcoming summer and be ready to look stunning and gorgeous with the shoes of your choice!

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