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Top 15 Short Hairstyles for Women

Experimenting with your short hair after you’ve given that long luscious hair a cut? Or maybe you’re figuring out what kind of hairstyle you’re going for since you’re cutting your hair short? Or you might just be a girl that loves short hairstyles but changing yours into something new, while still keeping it short though.

Well instead of talking about shoes, today we’re going to talk about 15 short hairstyles that you can rock with that short hair length! We don’t only have SHORT, short hairstyles, but also some on the medium length just in case your hair is not that short and you also need some inspiration on how to style them.

Slicked-Down Pixie

Pixie cuts are actually very versatile; you just need to know how to style them. Get some gel then part and slick your pixie cut all to the sides for a more formal look with your outfit.

Beachy Waves

People always think of beachy waves as a style for those with long hair, well it’s not. Girls with short hair can rock this style with ease! Just get your curling iron and curl it. It’s an easy style to achieve and it looks really good too.

Behind the Ear

Once your pixie has overgrown, it wouldn’t look as good as when you just get it cut. Well, why don’t you straighten your hair down, part it to the side and tuck it behind your ears for a whole new look?

Half Bun

Don’t think you could pull this off with a shorter hair? You actually can. And it won’t take a long time to style either. Add some waviness to your hair whilst using this style to give it some volume.

Centre Braided

This simple braid, pulled-to-the-back style is the solution to when your pixie cut is at that awkward middle stage of it growing back. This will revamp your hairstyle into something bolder and daring.

Slightly Feathered

This slightly feathered short hairstyle would surely stamp the ‘sexy’ in your look. Keep the hairstyle simple and light and make sure it’s not too long or it’ll turn into a mullet instead of a mussed-up look.

Textured Wavy Bob

Do you know that braiding the underside of your bob that’s growing a little longer than you would’ve want would give a fresher look and a new take to your haircut? Well, you should give it a try.

Straight and Smooth

Nothing’s ever wrong with keeping it simple and classic, keep your hair straight and smooth for that classic chic look that’s not too much of a fuss to style.

Centre Parted and Wavy

For those with a bob that’s growing onto your shoulder, you could try this style. Part your hair in the centre and add some waves to it so this classic style would look even classier.


If you have longer hair on top but really short on the sides than you should try amp-ing up your style with a full, round pompadour for that extra gorgeousness in your style that would also show off your stunning face shape.

Side Swiped

Bang is never out of style. And it’s never wrong to hide a little bit of your face behind a bang as long as it’s stylish and pretty with a little volume and waves on your hair.

Flat and Forward

If you’re trying to keep it simple, just straighten your flat and push it forward for that sleek and cool look that would amplify the stunning frame of your face.

Short Chignon

This is surely not a hairstyle that people would expect you to pull off with a short hair, but you surely can. This style is perfect for those with short and thin hair so take out your fancy hairband and start twisting that hair for this fancy style.

Finger Waves

You can’t do this hairstyle every day since it’s going to take a long time to style it perfectly, but for special occasions, this is that elegant short hairstyle that you want to rock.

Asymmetrical and Piece-y

Part your hair to one side and add some waves and to the other one. Pull out your hairspray and give it that piece-y look with your hand. This sexy look would go great with your shorter hair.

If you’re inspired to change your hairstyle to one of the above, then you should thank all these women that had rocked those hairstyles so much that it became your inspiration!



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