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What Shoe Styles To Wear With Wide-Leg Pants

A task of picking out what shoes to wear with what becomes harder and harder, especially when you have too much to choose from. Having too much to wear doesn’t necessarily mean you have too much to wear, sometimes it feels like you have none.

So today we’re going to talk about one of the styles that is on the rise today among youngsters and adults alike in Malaysia. And we’re talking about wide-leg pants. But don’t confuse it with bootcut, they’re quite different.

Wide-leg pants are billowy, flowy and its flare starts at the top, unlike bootcut which flare starts gaining volume towards the ankles. In picking shoes for wide-leg pants, choose a pair that goes well with its voluminous silhouette.

So are you ready for turn the dial on your wide-leg pants style to 11? Read on to see shoes that pair best with them!

Pointed Pumps


The pointed toe of this shoe perfectly peeks out from underneath the wide-leg silhouette of the pants for a very eye-catching detail – not only that, pointed pumps add great height.

Chunky Sneakers


If you want to dress down a little bit with wide-leg pants, then chunky sneakers are the way to go – comfortable too. Not just that, sneakers with thick soles would add height whilst allowing your wide-leg pants to flow.

Platform Pumps


Platform pumps are a great alternative to thin-heeled shoes. The chunky heels and thick platform would ensure comfort and stability all day long.

Eye-Catching Ankle Boots


Your ankle boots might be almost entirely concealed by the wide-leg pants, but the front of your shoes would still peek through especially when walking. An eye-catching and mesmerising pair of boots with unique tip are a great pair with your favourite wide-leg pants.



Last but not least, sandals. They’re always a great choice to wear with wide-leg pants especially during this summer (although it still rains a lot these days).  Sandals add height and dimension and allowing the billowy silhouette to flow and sway while you’re walking.

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