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6 Must-Have Sandals from Madre!

Hello again beloved sisters! I know we’ve been talking a lot about summer lately. Well, aren’t we all excited for it? I know I am. But no worries, today we’re not going to talk about summer. Instead we’re just going to talk about shoes.

Recently, a few friends told me that they’re reverting back to wearing flats or sneakers because it’s so hard to find shoes that are comfortable to wear for a long day at the office or on a day out socialising with friends. And even if they do find it, the prices would have you fasting for the rest of the month for buying it.

It’s like the dreaded choice-game in shopping where you could choose only 2 out of 3 qualities every time you’re getting something. Comfortable, cheap or pretty. Choosing comfortable and cheap shoes, well it’s not going to be pretty. Comfortable and pretty, well then it’s not going to be cheap. What about cheap and pretty, well you could throw the comfortability out the window.

Well, that is NOT the case with these 6 sandals from Madre I am about to show you. Be sure you read ‘till the end to see which one would suit you the most that have all the qualities you’d want in a pair of shoes. Comfortable, pretty, and cheap.


Comes with the most gorgeous design for such comfortable sandals. You wanna wear it to work? Sure! You wanna wear it to socialise? Sure! Zya’s was designed with a suede upper that are lined with Polyurethane leather and soft Ethylene-vinyl acetate for its platform. You’re guaranteed to be comfortable even though you’ll be wearing this sandals all day long. And it would only cost you MYR93.00. What a catch, am I right?

Daisy L.E.

Yearning for a little bit of simplicity? Well then take a lot at our Daisy L.E. sandals. Simple urbane design that comes with long lasting comfort for your usage. Thick sponges in the soft-padded insole, cushioning your feet in tenderness with every step. And soft Polyurethane leather for the upper only adding more comfort to this sandals. And it would only cost you MYR99.00, not too much for a price of great comfort and looks.


The most sought after cut-out sandals that comes with comfort, great design and affordable price! Sufy’s upper is made out of soft fabric, whilst the footbed comes with super soft material so that your feet would be comfy all around. A great urbane, chic design that makes Sufy look great with your casual working outfit. With the price tag only showing the price of MYR109.00, you couldn’t be more content with getting a pair of this sandals.


Madre’s Hanna sandals were designed to look great with every casual wear. With open-toe thong post design and striking colour choices, you’d sure look stunning in it. For comfortability, Hanna’s upper and insole were made out of soft Polyurethane leather with soft padded footbed for added comfort. The price is only MYR89.00 so this is the perfect choice if you want a great pair of sandals that are all comfort, pretty and affordable.


If you want a pair of sandals that’s super comfortable and would take your leisure outfit a step further, then be sure to take a look at our Safya sandals. With its classy design plus a modern twist, made with soft satin fabric for the upper and Ethylene-vinyl acetate insole for extra comfort. Great sandals for walking, all-day use and would only cost you MYR89.00.


The last, but not in any way least shoes that we picked for you today is Naomi. An elegant and classy looking sandals that comes with open-toe wedge and stretchable elastic side straps for your convenience. Made out of Polyurethane leather for the upper, in addition with smooth soft padded insole and rubber outsole, Naomi is sure to keep your feet comfortable for long use. With the price being only at MYR89.00, what else are you waiting for?

Madre has always strived to provide the shoes industry with gorgeously designed, comfortable, and affordable shoes. And these sandals that we’ve picked out for you today have all the qualities mentioned above. Be it for working, casual use, or leisure, they will fit your need.

Like what you see?  Visit our website at to browse more collections or come to our boutique to try them on before you buy. For further inquiries, Whatsapp us now. Happy trying!


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