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Clean Suede Shoes with Everyday Household Items

Suede footwear has always been a staple in the fashion scene since it was first introduced. So after all these years it has been a staple, everyone must have owned at least one suede footwear in their wardrobe. And there’s a lot of things that have been talked about suede over the period of time, but what’s rarely being talked about is how to take care of your suede shoes.

We all know that cleaning suede can be quite the ordeal because if we do it the wrong way, then we might ruin them. But when you do it right, your suede shoes are ensured to be beautiful and it’ll last for its intended lifespan in a pristine condition. So keep reading to find out the tricks to cleaning your suede shoes with your everyday household items!

Put crumpled paper inside before cleaning.

This is the first step you take before cleaning, but nonetheless, it’s important for you to do this before cleaning them. Put up enough paper that you’ve crumpled up inside so that it’ll stay in its natural shape. This will take toughen up suede’s naturally soft and supple material and making it easier to clean its stubborn spots.

Get a soft-bristled brush.

If you wanted to invest in a proper suede-cleaning brush, you can, it would be better. But you could also use a toothbrush, or any brushes with soft-bristled brush to do the trick. When you’re cleaning your shoes, be sure to brush only the direction of the fibres and avoid brushing them back and forth over the surface because it’ll ruin them. And because moisture would leave permanent stain on them, make sure that your shoes are completely dry when you’re brushing them.

For really tough stain, use vinegar.

For tougher stains that won’t come off just by brushing it, like food, or drinks. Get some white vinegar and pour it on a clean cloth and wipe the stain gently. Apply a tad bit of the vinegar on the stained area and the let it dry. After it has dried out, then brush it off with a brush to get those stains out.

Remove stains with an eraser.

Not all the marks will be removed with all the brushing and wiping down on the shoes. So after you’re all done doing it and you still notice some stains on it, get yourself a simple pencil eraser and gently rub away any water, oil, or grease. Put some pressure as you rub if there are tougher stains that need removing.

Rub the surface of your shoes with a clean towel.

When you got all the stains off with your brush, rub your suede shoes gently with a clean towel. Don’t damp it or anything, just a clean soft towel to wipe your shoes with and remove any unseen layers of dust and etcetera. And as before, wipe in the direction of the fabric and avoid any back and forth motion.

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