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Wearing High Heels Without Pain: Tips From The Experts

Isn’t it an annoying thing to love wearing high heels but are always sidelined by the excruciating pain while wearing them? It’s like you can’t live without them but neither with them.

And trust me when I said that every heels-loving woman must’ve asked themselves at one point in their life: How in the world do I wear high heels without the pain? Would that be possible? Are we consigned to a “beauty with pain” ideology until we don’t really care about any pain as long as we’re looking great?

But actually beauty and pain aren’t mutually exclusive at all.

1. Make Sure It’s The Right Size

Not choosing the right shoe size for their foot is most likely the number 1 mistake that women make. You gotta keep in mind that your feet size changes over the years, especially after having children, it might go up to even as much as one full size. Have your feet sized once every year, or at least measure your feet when you’re buying shoes. For both the width and length. It’s a must do before you shop so you wouldn’t be choosing shoes that aren’t in your size.

2. Know Your Foot Type

Educate yourself on your own foot type. And the best way to know your foot type and what’s going on is by seeing a podiatrist. If it’s costly or you don’t want to see a podiatrist, there’s a few of neat ways to see if you have a flat or a high-arch foot. Get a piece of construction paper, wet your foot and step on it. When you make an impression, the construction paper will show how much your foot is flattening or how high is your foot arch. Knowing your foot type meaning knowing what’s causing the pain to your foot.

3. Better With A Thick Heel

Please avoid the stilettos, the thin heels. Your foot would wobble around wearing it. Yeah of course sometimes your dress would be begging to be worn with a stiletto, so put them on! As long as it’s something that’s occasional and rare. But if before this you’ve been wearing stilettos as your daily shoes, please consider a thicker heel style and change it up.

4. Avoid Thin Soles

Opt for platform. Wearing thin soles will (almost) always hurt the bottom of your foot. You’d want a thicker sol or as I said, some platform. This would counterbalance some of the pressure whilst walking. But to more absorb that pressure, go with rubbery material.

5. Take Breaks

Make sure you remember to take off your shoes throughout the day to let them rest from being confined inside your shoes for a long period at a time.

High Heels

6. Stretch Your Feet

Target the front of your foot and your ankle for the stretches that you do. Some stretches that you could do is like pointing your toes down and pulling them up with a strap to get the Achilles’ tendon and the calf muscles. After that, stretches your foot side to side to get to the instep and the outside of the foot.

7. Try a Shoe with More Coverage

It is always better to have more coverage on the top of your foot. High heels are shoes that could be worn all day actually if it doesn’t bother your feet as much. For the hot days in summer, opt for something with an ankle strap or a wide strap across the top of your feet. Especially if you’re prone to blisters and friction. Go for that kind of style, shoes that covers more of the top of your foot.

High Heels

8. Over-The-Counter Shoe Inserts

 The one last thing to try are over-the-counter products in the store for high heels. They are pads for the ball of the foot or metatarsal. These items usually go under the ball of the foot. The purpose of these items are to combat soreness faced by your foot for wearing high heels. Since they’re usually made out of silicone gel, it will be able to hold your foot steadier in the shoe and preventing your feet from sliding forward too much so in which will protect your toes from friction and blisters.

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