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Lucky Draw 3.0!

Attention sisters! We from Madre Collection are thrilled to tell you about our upcoming event! A Lucky Draw will be organized soon and make sure to stay tuned to our update. Like previous Lucky Draw that has been held, we are offering you people-favorited prizes that will bring you excitements. With any purchase of RM190 and above, you can participate in the Lucky Draw! So make sure to stay updated with our news and don’t lose your chance to win!

Welcome back sisters! We have very interesting news to share with you.

What if we tell you that you can get free prizes when you purchase your favorite shoe? That sounds like something worth to try, right! It’s like killing two birds with one stone, but it’s more like getting two birds with one purchase. And if that is not people’s favorite phrase ever.

For your information, we have held two lucky draw events in the previous year.

During both events, we prepared interesting prizes for the winners! And if you haven’t seen our previous announcement, I bring to you the previous Lucky Draw along with the prizes offered! So….did the previous prizes catches your eyes?

Because this is it! For the customers that have been missed out to grab the opportunity to join it, worry not! This is the time where you can make it up for all the chances you missed before. So what are you waiting for?  Save the date and grab the chance to join it now!

Oh wait, How to join?

Okay, things about to get serious in here. The long list of requirements to join this contest is …….

None! Only one thing you need to do. Buy your favorite shoe! And with the purchase of RM190 and above, you are automatically eligible to join the Lucky Draw event.

To Join:

  1.  Purchase of RM 190
  2.  Fill in your name and number phone

The contest will take place from March 5th until April 5th. In a period of a month, you can quickly purchase your favorite MADRE shoe(s) and join the contest! Grab the chance and good luck, everyone!

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